Diversity & Inclusion

Internally we encourage people to work independently and offer the freedom to build a client base and manage your own time flexibly in a supportive environment.

Externally, we are trained and use modern recruitment methods and best practice to insure we find diverse talent. We assess candidates based on their competencies and client requirements irrespective of gender, age, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

“Diversity creates dimension in the world”

(Elizabeth Ann Lawless)

Nothing is the same. Establishing a solid strategy around diversity and inclusion is crucial for any business.

As part of our commitment to ensuring inclusivity throughout the sector, we have signed the Recruitment Agency Race Fairness Commitment.

We are continuously educating ourselves to ensure we understand the latest research in this arena and have the tools to be able to challenge it. This includes unconscious bias methodology, partnering with experts in this area, offering positive action in our job adverts and producing blind CVs.

Understanding these, we are best placed to offer advice and act as an informed partner for your own Diversity & Inclusion strategy, especially in relation to recruitment. Consequently, we can meet in person or discuss over the phone how we can help further or connect you with specialists in our network.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in exploring further, please get in touch.

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