The Nod


1. lower and raise one’s head slightly and briefly, especially in greeting, assent, or understanding, or to give someone a signal. “he looked around for support and everyone nodded”.

2. Signify or express (greeting, assent, or understanding) by nodding. “he nodded his consent”. (Oxford Dictionary)

Welcome to The Nod, aka The News of the Day.

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Lotus Flower

Webinar Series: Building Resilience

Sam Stafford
Register Here For the first webinar of 2021, we are delighted to be joined by accredited Career Coach, James Rosenthal from Novus Flow, to explore the benefits of building resilience and how to go about this, for now and in the future. Beginning a new year with a further lockdown has been challenging for almost everyone in one way or another. According to the Office of National Statistics, life satisfaction and happiness levels are at an all time low since...
Man with stars for mental health

Webinar Series: Mindfulness for Mental Health

Sam Stafford
Register Here November 2020 recognised men’s mental health awareness but also National Stress Awareness Day and Survivors of Suicide. With the upcoming Xmas holidays and areas of the UK in different tiers, people still working from home and families being separated, the next month is likely to be quite challenging for individuals. With this in mind, we will be exploring ways mindfulness can be of benefit for positive mental health and wellbeing. As employers are not able to throw a...
Wellness in the Office during Covid-19

Webinar Series: Wellness in the Office during Covid-19

Sam Stafford
Q&A with Victoria Gilbert, Head of Wellness Consulting, Colliers International As employees begin to return to the office, this episode examines how this can be done in the safest way, successful processes used in Hong Kong and how to optimise wellness during the pandemic. We speak with expert, Victoria Gilbert, who is based in Hong Kong and specialises in consulting with businesses to examine the effectiveness of their office environment for employee wellness. Key Moments: 1.08 – Is it business...
Anxiety & Returning to the Office

Webinar Series: Anxiety & Returning to the Office

Sam Stafford
Q&A with Vikki Louise, Anxiety Coach With so much anxiety and fear around the Covid-19 pandemic and some nervous about returning to the office, I spoke with qualified Anxiety Coach, Vikki Louise to explore what can be done to counteract and manage this. Key Moments: 3.07 – Findings on returning to the office – 52% people feel anxious about commute to work (YouGov) What can employers do to help employees with anxiety?6.30 - What is anxiety and what are the...

Preventing Unconscious Bias and Creating Conscious Inclusion

Sam Stafford
Today marks Windrush Day 2020 and honours the British Caribbean community, giving thanks to their contribution to society, as well as celebrating the diverse culture that we live in. It comes at a time when people and businesses everywhere have been prompted to shift the conversation on diversity and examine racial injustice and discrimination, following the recent murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement. So this has led me to question, how can my organisation and the recruitment...
HR Future after Furlough

Virtual Roundtable Event Series: HR

Sam Stafford
HR: Future after Furlough The third event for our HR virtual roundtable series investigated how the furlough scheme had been utilised and future prospects following on from this. How businesses are ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in relation to the circumstances that arise in response to COVID-19. Recent announcements from Boris Johnson  With the furlough scheme being extended until 31st of October discussion began with conceptual ideas around flexibility for workers to return on a part time basis, phased returns and...
Virtual Roundtable Wellbeing

Virtual Roundtable Event Series: Wellbeing

Sam Stafford
Wellbeing: at home/returning to a different world The second event of our virtual roundtable series looked to explore wellbeing topics amongst our network. The panel included a mix of generalist HR professionals including Heads of HR and Business Partners from across a variety of law firms. How have you had to alter wellbeing strategies and how have they changed given the pandemic? Most agreed that wellbeing was high on the agenda and exploring ways of looking after this during the...
Virtual Round Table

Virtual Roundtable Event Series: Recruiting

Sam Stafford
Recruiting: remotely & the C-19 impact on the future Earlier in May we hosted a series of virtual roundtables to enhance knowledge sharing amongst our network. This event involved a selection of recruitment and Heads of HR across various law firms. The purpose of the discussion was to explore common challenges and solutions the attendees had encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic. Findings were as per below: Recruitment poll. A poll was taken to see who out of the panel had...
Home interview

Tips: Ensure Success Whilst Interviewing From Home

Sam Stafford
As of today, April 16th 2020, it has been confirmed that the UK will have a further 3 weeks of lockdown. With this in mind, it is vital to ensure we are making the most of any virtual interview on offer, so we have put together our top tips for interviewing from home. Interviewing within a company office is an experience most of us can relate to, however interviewing from home requires some additional thought.  Some factors remain as important...
Mother & Baby whale

Tips: Parents Working from Home

Sam Stafford
Tips: Parents working from home + Healthy Mind. Given the current outbreak and situation we find ourselves in today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future, new ways of living and operating in our day to day lives must be found. One of the biggest challenges will be for those parents working from home whilst looking after their children, following the closure of schools last Friday 20th March 2020. Furthermore, anxiety about health and family is at an all-time high, so it is important to do what...

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