Webinar Series: Wellness in the Office during Covid-19

Sam Stafford

Q&A with Victoria Gilbert, Head of Wellness Consulting, Colliers International

As employees begin to return to the office, this episode examines how this can be done in the safest way, successful processes used in Hong Kong and how to optimise wellness during the pandemic.

We speak with expert, Victoria Gilbert, who is based in Hong Kong and specialises in consulting with businesses to examine the effectiveness of their office environment for employee wellness.

Key Moments:

  • 1.08 – Is it business as usual in Hong Kong?
  • 2.55 – Social distancing has not been the priority
  • 4.20 – Wearing masks is a social norm derived from SARS
  • 6.38 – Advice to clients on how to go back, splitting employees into Groups (A & B) etc
  • 13.23 – Are people ready? Are people reassured? Are people happy?
  • 14.40 – How can you communicate with the workforce as effectively as possible?
  • 15.40 – Key is consistency and transparency
  • 17.40 – Traffic light systems
  • 18.50 – Global research shows over 60% miss working in the office for their colleagues and interacting with them
  • 22.02 – Having a feedback mechanism