Tips: Parents Working from Home

Sam Stafford

Tips: Parents working from home + Healthy Mind.

Given the current outbreak and situation we find ourselves in today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future, new ways of living and operating in our day to day lives must be found. One of the biggest challenges will be for those parents working from home whilst looking after their children, following the closure of schools last Friday 20th March 2020.

Furthermore, anxiety about health and family is at an all-time high, so it is important to do what we can not to transfer anxieties to children. To try and help promote a healthy mind, it is important to knowledge share and think ahead where we can.

As part of our Something Extra offering we have put together some advice and tips on working at home with children; a compiled list taken from friends, family and research.


  1. Make a plan with your boss.
  2. Make a plan with your partner or child carer.
  3. Make a plan with your child/children.

  1. Having a clear and open conversation with your manager is really important to make home working a success with children around. Having a flexible routine and adapting things around childcare are key.
  2. If you’re one of two parents at home then tag team! If you can split the day in two so one takes the morning shift and the other takes the later shift, this can work well. Splitting childcare 50:50 so both partners can continue to work.
  3. Kids respond well to the structure of school and likewise a routine. Planning a schedule with the kids can be fun for them too, creating a timetable together that you can stick to. Playtime can be kept and do it virtually using zoom/skype as well as attention time together for short activities.


Exercise in the morning with the kids. Try Joe Wicks “P.E with Joe” ( 9am Monday to Friday #PEwithJoe and wear them out. You can do this together or leave them to it to get some extra work time in.


Create a do not disturb zone. Make sure the kids understand that your work area is a quiet zone. You can even have them create a sign saying Mum/Dad is working. Creating a work space is fundamental, even if it is a make shift space in the bedroom where you are less likely to be disturbed.


Invent competitions for good behavior.


Try family meditation. Sounds laughable to some but this can really work. Even quiet time is a great practice for meditation. These are quite accessible options for beginners and younger to older kids on Insight Timer, which you can download as an app

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Give yourself a break. These are tough times and being kind to yourself is even more important.


If things are going crazy, take a moment to stop and take a breath. Going for a short walk can change everything (even if it is around the garden or block!)

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