Tips: Ensure Success Whilst Interviewing From Home

Sam Stafford

As of today, April 16th 2020, it has been confirmed that the UK will have a further 3 weeks of lockdown. With this in mind, it is vital to ensure we are making the most of any virtual interview on offer, so we have put together our top tips for interviewing from home.

Interviewing within a company office is an experience most of us can relate to, however interviewing from home requires some additional thought. 

Some factors remain as important as ever. Namely:-

  • Dress to impress and feel great. Ensuring you look presentable is still crucial. Just because you may be coming to the interview live from your living room doesn’t mean you should forget the suit and tie. Not only will it get you in the head space to interview but it will help you to focus and build your confidence. 
  • Don’t be late. If you have your interview at 10.00am make sure you are ready and sat at your computer for 9.50am. First impressions are very important, the first thing you should be saying is a welcoming hello not apologising for keeping someone waiting. 
  • Be Prepared. Your interview preparation should be exactly the same as if you were having a face to face interview, although you could prepare your notes and have them to hand so you can look at them, should this feel necessary. 

What will be different to a physical interview will be your technological equipment, surrounding and how you can make this work for you:-

  • Equipment – In order to maintain your cool and be fully prepared, make sure that your devices are working properly. Do you have a reliable source of Wi-Fi? Have you checked you can use the software that the interview is taking place on? If not suggest a test run for 5 minutes the day before.
  • Eye line – In a face to face interview, eye contact is super important and here is no exception. Ensure your laptop/computer is at eye level and arms distance away from you. Remember to look into the camera and not just at the screen. 
  • A professional background – Whilst testing the camera platform, check your background. 
  • Lighting – Although this is not going to be a main factor, poor lighting is super distracting and will more than likely draw attention from your answers. Ensure you face a window and that you are not back lit. Use a standing lamp to send light directly to you. Avoid under and over lighting. 
  • Background noise – Ensuring you have quiet with no distracting noises will also ensure your full focus on answering the questions and showing you are the best candidate for the position.

We have equally put together some top tips for telephone interviews. Visit our instagram page and follow us to view:

Following these tips should give you the best chance of an amazing interview. So all that is left to say is …..Good Luck!

Throughout this period, Sam Stafford Search are trying to support our network with shared knowledge to help people adapt to their new working environment. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover please us know and contact us.