Webinar Series: Anxiety & Returning to the Office

Sam Stafford

Q&A with Vikki Louise, Anxiety Coach

With so much anxiety and fear around the Covid-19 pandemic and some nervous about returning to the office, I spoke with qualified Anxiety Coach, Vikki Louise to explore what can be done to counteract and manage this.

Key Moments:

  • 3.07 – Findings on returning to the office – 52% people feel anxious about commute to work (YouGov) What can employers do to help employees with anxiety?
  • 6.30 – What is anxiety and what are the first steps in helping to process it?
  • 8.56 – Individual symptoms of anxiety and identifying
  • 15.46 – Exploring how HR practitioners can ensure they are looking after themselves first
  • 18.04 – Taking small steps